What to Expect from Your First Dance Class

I’m sure there are many people who would love to try a dance class, but decide not to because they don’t know what to expect. This should not be a reason to stop you from trying something new! Dance classes can be intimidating at times when it is full of people of all levels, but everyone is there for the same reason: to have fun. When you’re going to your first dance class make sure to wear something comfortable. No on is going to expect you to show up in tights and a leotard, but a normal workout outfit with tight fitting clothes is good. Make sure you bring a lot of water with you in case the location of the class does not supply any. Dancing is harder than it looks, and it’s important to stay hydrated. The instructor will most likely start the class with a stretch. This is good down time to really connect with your body and feel every muscle that is being used. It is the perfect time to clear your head and relax while stretching out your muscles. While there might be other new students in the class too, try not to focus on the person next to you. Comparing yourself to other people in the room defeats the purpose of taking the class, especially when everyone is at a different level. Pay attention to the teacher and if you have a question about what they are saying, just ask! Different teachers have different ways of teaching a class depending on what style it is. Some classes you may be asked to do center work, other will be across the floor, some may teach you a combination, it all depends on where you go! The important thing is that you tried something new and enjoyed yourself while doing it.



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