The Love-Hate Relationship We All Have With Ballet

Let’s face it, ballet sucks. It is one of the hardest styles of dance in a way that’s different from all the others. It requires focus, discipline, strength, and determination to succeed in it. While in ballet class, you must be aware of every part of your body and what it is doing. It takes a lot of concentration to have your arms, shoulders, head, fingers, chest, back, hips, knees, feet, and toes all in the correct position at all times. Every time you feel like you finally got it, it’s time to move on to the next one. The strength that ballet takes is a kind that pushes you every single class, even when you just thought you were getting good. It’s nearly impossible to be perfect in ballet and the only thing you can do is keep trying to get better. Ballet class in one that challenges you mentally and physically.

Even with all these frustrating aspects of ballet, it is still one of the most beautiful styles to watch and perform. While doing ballet, it feels as if you’re in control of your body. You have to push yourself further than you are used to in order to get better at it. When you do something correctly and everything clicks, you feel an immediate sense of accomplishment. It’s as if everything you’ve been working for has a purpose. Ballet is a style of dance that makes you feel stronger everytime you leave the class. Without ballet, dance would have no center to base itself off of. Ballet is the most important style when it comes to technique. Even though at times it can make you feel defeated, the reward is worth it when you do something well.



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