I Can Only Hold My Tongue For So Long

We all have those friends who just don’t seem to understand anything about the dance world. We applaud them for taking an interest, but we would rather not have to explain the answer to these 10 most annoying questions that dancers get asked. If we could, this is probably what we would respond to them.

  1. “Can’t you just skip dance?”

Yeah, let me just explain to my studio direction I missed a rehearsal because I wanted to go to the mall with my friends. She would totally understand. Totally.

2. “Did you win the competition?”

No, you do not win the competition. You can place but you do not just win.

3. “What is a leotard?”

An extremely comfortable piece of clothing that gives you the freedom to move your whole body. You should really try one.

4. “You’re a dancer? Can you do a dance for me?”

You’re a chef, can you make me food? That’s what I thought.

5. “Are you better than the girls on Dance Moms?”

Sadly, no. But I’ll probably tell you yes because you’ll never see me dance.

6. “Why do you have so many bruises?”

From a mixture of falling, throwing my body around on the ground, exhaustion, and hard work.

7. “Why don’t you just get a pedicure?”

Sorry, but I don’t feel like spending $20 on a pedicure when it will just be destroyed in a matter of days. Thanks for the suggestion though.

8. “So are you really flexible?”

Yes but that doesn’t mean I’m going to show you.

9. “Why do you have dance for so long?”

Because I’m dedicated and I love it, that’s why.

10. “Do you know how to do (insert gymnastic trick here)”?

No, I am a dancer not a gymnast.



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