How to Survive Competition Day

Competition season is the best time of the year for dancers. They get to showcase everything they have been working on throughout the year and see other performers as well. Although competition season is something every dancer looks forward to, once it finally arrives you may find yourself anything but ready to get on stage. Suddenly, you may feel unprepared, nervous, pressure to do well, and other nervewracking emotions. Did I forget my shoes? Do I have all my costumes? What about my makeup? You may run through the checklist in your head over and over again to make sure you have everything you need. Next time you’re feeling this way, don’t fret. Just remember these things before you go and rock the stage.

  1. Pack everything you need the night before
  2. Wake up earlier than you need to so you don’t feel rushed
  3. Get good nights sleep the night before
  4. Make a checklist to look at before you leave
  5. Make sure to bring water and snacks
  6. Don’t get intimidated by the dancers that go before you
  7. Stretch really well before you go on stage
  8. Listen to your performance songs before you go to bed
  9. Play some pump-up music on your way there to get you excited
  10. Bring a protein bar of some kind, competitions are usually an all day event.



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