Cuz When You Look Good, You Feel Good

Half the fun of doing a dance performance is getting all dressed up in cute costumes with your hair and makeup all done up. Whether you’re doing a funky jazz piece or a beautiful lyrical dance, you want to make sure everything is perfect so that all you have to worry about is your dancing. It’s hard to know what kind of makeup and hair products you should trust when you’re a dancer. The last thing you want is your hair falling in your face in the middle of a performance. When packing your bag for a competition or any type of performance, make sure you always pack the hair and makeup essentials. With this checklist, you will be sure to have hair that holds a lifetime and makeup that won’t run while you’re sweating on stage.


Hair Nets- If you’re planning on wearing your hair in a bun, you should definitely be packing a few hair nets. These will keep your hair in place even when your bobby pins start to fail you.

Hair Gel- Hair gel is another must have that also gets forgotten sometimes. Yes, hairspray is important but sometimes only hair gel can hold down those curly flyaways!

Bobby Pins AND Hair Pins- Bobby pins are a girl’s best friend. But don’t forget about your hair pins! These help especially with thick hair to hold whatever style you have in place.


Face Primer- Face primer will help make sure your foundation doesn’t come off throughout the day. When you’re getting ready to perform, the last thing you want to worry about is your makeup coming off.

Eyeshadow Palette- You never know when you’re going to have to change up a look. Maybe your performance requires multiple colors of eyeshadow, maybe you have multiple performances in one day, either way, it’s better safe than sorry. Having an eyeshadow palette handy will ensure you’re prepared for anything.

False Eyelashes- False eyelashes are a hit or miss with most people. You either love them, or you hate them. But either way, they always look fabulous and help pull the look together for a more dramatic effect.

Red Lipstick- You can never go wrong with red lipstick for a dance performance. It’s the classic look that never gets old, and it really brings out your lips when you’re on stage. A dancer never leaves their house without their most trusted red lipstick!

Setting Spray- The final touch, the setting spray. This will help keep your liner winged, your cheeks contoured, and your lipstick bright!



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