Custom Apparel

Purchasing new dance apparel is almost as exciting as Christmas morning. When you’re a kid, you can’t wait to show off your new leotard and ballet skirt to your class. You love the way the skirt twirls around when you spin and the way the new fabric is soft against your skin. Who says once you get older you can’t be just as excited about new dance clothes? The only negative side to buying new dance apparel is trying every brand until you find one that you like. Below is a list of companies that make custom apparel to fit your body and preferences perfectly. Custom apparel is also awesome for team wear, to ensure uniformity and promote your team! Whether it’s a leotard, warm-up apparel, practice wear, or performance outfits, it’s always fun to be able to customize your wardrobe! Elve Dancewear is an amazing website that allows you to create stylish and reliable leotards. Although the prices are on the higher side, they last forever and are worth the price!

Eleve Custom Dancewear

If you’re looking for team apparel, GTM Sportswear has great prices and options for all types of clothing! This website is expert at creating apparel for large groups at a reasonable price and good quality.

GTM Sportswear

Lastly, for performance costumes, The Lineup is a perfect website to browse through. There are unique outfits that compliment any style of dance that can be customized or ordered as they are. The Lineup has a large selection with many different categories to browse through.

The Lineupeleve


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