Be the Leader You Would Follow

Dance is different than sports teams in the way that it’s more focused on the individual rather than the group as a whole. Of course, you have to work together with your peers to have a good performance, but it’s centered around individual achievements. Dancers are constantly put in a competition with one another for the lead role, front row spot, and for praise from their teacher. This can create an unhealthy envy between dancers that should be learning and growing together. It is important to take on a leadership role when taking classes whether they are for fun, with a team/studio, or with complete strangers. This will make a much more enjoyable atmosphere and let each dancer grow and learn from one another. To take on a leadership role, there are some qualities you should be sure to emphasize during class.

  1. Don’t be afraid to go first
  2. Don’t be afraid to mess up
  3. Speak up in class and raise your hand when you have a question
  4. Help others when you see them struggling
  5. Always have a positive attitude, even when you’re not happy with what’s happening
  6. Apply corrections- your teacher wouldn’t give them to you if they thought you couldn’t do it.
  7. Compliment others when they do something well
  8. Put in 100% effort in everything you do
  9. It’s okay to be frustrated, it’s not okay to give up
  10. Set an example for the rest of the class

You can also look at this link for more tips on how to be a good leader!

10 Leadership Qualities



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