Don’t Put Your Heel Down

1412115735-cique-du-soleilEveryone’s favorite holiday tradition is going to see the Nutcracker or the Rockettes so they can sit in awe at the performance that is put on by these talented dancers. These shows can be seen across the United States, but the best place to see them is on Broadway in New York City. Although these shows are the most popular for a reason, anyone who is interested in seeing dance shows at other points in the year should do so. When it comes to dance shows, there needs to be a balance of impressive dancing technique and performance ability to appeal to both an audience that is there for the dancing and that is there for the entertainment. These are two of the best shows to go see on a rainy day!

  1. Cirque du Soleil- The shows that this group performs are typically around two and a half hours long. It almost resembles a circus with people doing amazing acts with their bodies and props. It is extremely entertaining and will leave you in disbelief. There are many different shows that Cirque du Soleil do which have different themes but are all similar in concept.

  1. Wicked- Wicked is a musical that has been on Broadway for years. It is very famous and widely known. The plot line follows the witches side of The Wizard of Oz and includes musical numbers and dances. It is highly entertaining and recommended!


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